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Energizing Scalp Exfoliant!


Missing that fresh-from-the-salon, tingly scalp feeling? I know I do! It’s like hair stylists have magic hands. I don’t know how they do it but they manage to scratch your scalp in the most satisfying way known to man, leaving you itch free for days!

From time to time I suffer from that incredibly embarrassing itchy scalp that makes the person sitting next to you want to  run away in fear of getting lice (rest assured friends, not a single louse has nested upon this head). It’s that itch you can’t resist, but in a few moments you will have the perfect weapon to nip that pain in the bud!

We exfoliate our face and our bodies (or at least we should), but I think most people forget about their scalp. The scalp is just like the rest of your body, and trust me you need to exfoliate it! Sometimes our products, dead skin, and sebum get stuck on our scalp and shampooing isn’t always enough to get rid  of it. Making an exfoliant is pretty simple. Just choose your favorite oil and mix it with brown sugar! I choose coconut oil because it is super moisturizing for your scalp and hair.


I used 2 parts (tbsp) coconut oil and 3 parts (tbsp) brown sugar (you can also add your favorite essential oil). Simply part your scalp and apply the mix, bit by bit. Once you’ve applied all of the exfoliant, hop in the shower and scrub your scalp gently (you don’t want to damage your hair). You can spend as much time doing this as you like, but not too long or else your scalp might start to feel raw (3-5 minutes). Rinse with lukewarm water when you are finished, and continue with your regular hair washing routine! If you wash your hair frequently, you only need to exfoliate about once a month. If you don’t, then every other week.

Let me know what oil you used and how awesome your scalp felt after!



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