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Coloring Beauty X Beauty Bolt

I got a chance to sit down with, and interview, Namrata Mohan – a Scripps College student hailing from Irvine, California – who started a photo project called, “Coloring Beauty.” Namrata started the project because she was “irked by the oppressive beauty standards in her community,” and believed that more diverse forms of beauty, in both men and women, were undervalued. This project is so inspirational and I think it is so relevant seeing as there has been a movement and call to action to celebrate people of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Lupita Nyong’o’s crowning as People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Person (2014) is a perfect example of celebrating a form of beauty not typically seen in mass media. Watch the interview below!

Coloring Beauty Interview from Beauty Bolt on Vimeo.

Namrata Mohan – a Scripps College student – started the Coloring Beauty photo project to bring light to issues surrounding American beauty standards, and to show some appreciation for unconventional beauty.


I also got a chance to participate in the project, and trust me, the experience was quite therapeutic! Namrata takes a relaxed approach to the interview, treating it more like a one-on-one conversation. Participants are asked a series of questions and then photographed, once they feel more comfortable. Each photograph is accompanied by a few quotes, from the interview, that reflect the beauty standards that the participant grew up with and demonstrates their personal growth. Here’s a gallery of some of the pictures from the shoot and a link to the final product!

Wanna get that glow? Check out this article on my current skin care routine!

 Here’s a quote from my interview in response to a question on my favorite thing about my personality:

I think my optimism. I tend to be a very happy, upbeat type of person. I try to look at the brighter side of things. That’s something my mom instilled in me. We watched Oprah, and Tyra, a lot when I was younger and we’d have conversations afterwards about some of their social experiments and self-help topics. Confidence is definitely something that she instilled in me from a young age. She would call my sister her ‘beautiful caramel girl’ and I would be her ‘beautiful dark chocolate girl’. She made sure that we were celebrating ourselves and our lives, whether or not anyone else wanted to celebrate with us.

Be sure to check out more of her work on her Facebook and Tumblr pages!



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