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Epic Beauty Bar Haul

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on the blog which is quite sad seeing as I have plenty of unfinished drafts in my queue, but I am trying to rededicate myself to blogging about all things beautiful! Somewhere along the trip back home my skin seems to have set up camp in struggle city and NYC’s humidity has become it’s silent but deadly killer. I’m talking breakouts and my knight in itchy armor, eczema. I’ve been doing loads of research on how to heal sensitive skin and see this as a wonderful opportunity  to fall in love with skincare all over again (and to release my inner product junkie). I’ve learned several things about my sensitive skin on this journey (did you know coconut oil isn’t for everyone?) and look forward to learning, and sharing, more. I’ll be testing out a new routine over the course of the next few weeks and will be sharing my tips on battling the humidity. Here’s a short haul on my purchases from Epic Beauty Bar. Stephanie and her team are amazing and are always nice – even when I email them several times a week, asking slightly different variations of the same question.

1) CV Skinlabs’ Calming Moisture for Face, Neck, and Scalp

I’ve been using this for about a week (both day and night), and so far I’m really impressed. It’s nice and light, and very hydrating. The product is 99.4% natural and 57% organic: it’s chock full of antioxidants and contains the brand’s signature Tri-Rescue Skin Complex (turmeric, alpha-bisabolol and reishi mushroom) which works to soothe inflammation, heal the skin, and leaves a healthy (non-greasy) glow. The calming cream also contains Beta Glucan (promotes collagen production, speeds up healing, and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles), Aloe Vera, and Oat Extract (click on the link for more information). It has definitely helped calm down the irritation that I’ve been experiencing, and I’m hoping it will continue to do so. As far as scent goes, it’s not very strong and I haven’t really noticed it. It’s free of synthetic fragrances, parabens (disrupt hormone function), formaldehyde (known carcinogen – also used to embalm the deceased), and other yucky ingredients. Definitely something I will continue to use, especially in case of emergency. Bonus: this product was also seen backstage at NYC Fashion week back in 2013. I’m guessing it’s a model must have!

2) One Love Organics Gardenia Daily Body Serum (Limited Edition)

I’m in LOVE! I’m not gonna lie, I bought this product because the bottle looks really cool. Fortunately, it’s backed up by more than it’s outward appearance. The scent isn’t what I was expecting, although I can never guess what something floral is going to smell like. Anyway, it turn’s out gardenias smell like french pastry – I can’t remember which one, but it’s something like a mini tart or cake… I think! The serum leaves my skin feeling baby soft and smooth without a hint of oily sheen, only a healthy glow! Seabuckthorn oil and green tea seed oil provide antioxidant benefits, fighting free-radicals and in turn aging. The nozzle allows you to easily spritz your body with the perfect amount of this delicate serum without having to worry about using too much, making it better for you and better for your wallet!

And the samples from both my most recent purchase and another one from May:


1) CV Skinlabs Body Repair Lotion

I really love this body lotion – one of the few lotions that doesn’t have a greasy finish. I’ve mostly been using it on my hands because they’ve been really chapped. I just rub some on my fingertips and the two patches of eczema on the back of my right hand. My fingertips aren’t chapped anymore, and my eczema’s looking better everyday. I can’t wait to order a full-sized bottle!

2) CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm

I really liked this product! I typically prefer lighter, non greasy products, but it was quite effective! The scent is a little bit odd, but not bad, but it goes away quickly. It takes a bit of time for it to sink in so I’d recommend it as a night time treatment. A little bit also goes a very long way. I used my sample everyday, multiple times a day for a good 3 weeks.

3) One Love Organics Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm

I really wanted to love this product, especially because it has rave reviews, but it just didn’t work for my skin. On my journey to better skin I have found that my skin doesn’t really like coconut oil. I already knew that using coconut oil by itself dried out my hair and didn’t moisturize my skin effectively, but apparently so do products that are mostly made of it (I think coconut oil is the first ingredient in this product). I can still use products that contain coconut and coconut oil, it just has to be further down on the ingredient list (meaning the product contains less of it). I’d definitely recommend it if you aren’t sensitive to coconut oil because it is a very clean, well made product. Not to mention the scent is fantastic – like a light tropical breeze!

4) MUN No.1 Aknari – Brightening Youth Serum

I was really excited to try out this product, and actually requested a sample with my last purchase. The full product is pretty pricey ($95), but I think it’s worth it. I’ve been using a drop underneath my moisturizer at night time and I think it might be better than rosehip seed oil. It’s gotten rid of the fine, pesky pimples that were underneath the skin on my cheeks. I couldn’t feel them, but I could definitely see them (only up close, but they were still a nuisance). I’m not particularly fond of floral scents, but it isn’t overbearing, it just smells like roses because it contains rose oil. The serum also contains prickly pear oil and argan oil. The three oils work together beautifully, absorbing into the skin quickly and working to smooth and soften skin while brightening dark circles and evening out skin tone. The serum was designed by world-renowned makeup artist, Munemi Imai, and she uses it before each shoot – to all of her clients liking!

5) W3LL People Universalist Matte Colorstick in #5 (Creamy Crimson)

The color is gorgeous, but I prefer something with a glossier finish. You could probably just layer it with a clear lip gloss. The finish is more like that of a stain than a gloss or lipstick. Pro tip: make sure you exfoliate your lips before applying this – dry skin will make it uneven and clumpy *yuck*

6) Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover

This was a little too drying for me (like dissolves like) and removed a little too much sebum. I’d definitely recommend it if you have very oily skin. It also smells amazing – like a piña colada!

7) La Bella Figura Rainforest Hydration

Upon opening this product, my nose was met with a very unusual scent and I must say that I did not fancy it. The product is quite greasy, and even though I have dry skin I still prefer lighter products. I only used it on my feet once because I just couldn’t stand the smell, it kind of reminded me of petrol.

It doesn’t get better than the Epic Beauty Bar when it comes to your luxury, natural skin care needs (free samples, free shipping, and a handwritten card)! Be sure to check out their blog and Stephanie’s book!

What products are saving you this summer? Tweet @BeautyBolt or use the hashtag #summersavior, and be sure to stay tuned for more!


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