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The Bolt // No. 2

The – ϟ – Bolt

A monthly curation of fabulous finds and personal favorites!

This Week’s Top Moments



13 Going on 30 was on VH1 last night. I’m beginning to realize that I’ve spent too much time dreaming about my thirties.

Social Media


Oprah takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge!


Art Meets Activism… One of my good friends decided to use her talents for a call to action against police brutality. The music video is being released today  (I’m in the background!) Follow her on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Soundcloud, and like her Facebook page!

What I’m…

Thinking About

The Silence of the ‘Black’ White Celebrities… Amidst the horrible events that are taking place in Ferguson after the death of Michael Brown, Malek Mouzon wrote a very interesting article about how

frustrating [it is] to watch white musicians be so ready to have legions of Black dancers/singers behind them, work with Black producers, sing about how “we” do and then be nowhere to be found when a Black tragedy takes the national stage.

I’m not condemning these musicians or denying their talent, but part of white privilege is being able to appropriate black culture and having the ability to cover, pass, and drop black identities. Iggy Azaelea, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber can adopt black stereotypes for a music video, a phase in their career, or to develop some kind of “street cred” while other people are unable to break through negative stereotypes on a daily basis – constantly trying to prove that they are just as intelligent and capable as their white counterparts and even fearing their safety. Black culture isn’t just about twerking, rapping, or wearing cornrows and big chains – it’s about honoring the struggle of our ancestors and continuing to fight for a fair justice system.

Dreaming About

Chanel 5018 Half-tint Sunglasses… I’m so sad that I’m just hearing about these. Chanel only made about 400 of these back in ’07 and now they’re priced at $3-4,000. Luckily, 80s Purple has a much more affordable option. Check them out here.

Laughing About

“I heard Beyoncé did NOT wake up like this.”

 “YES she did.”

People are really serious about their Bey and Jay!

A Little Luxury



Blueberry Rosemary Chia Seed Jam… Wow! This was incredible! The combination sounds weird, but this jam is absolutely bursting with flavor. My only suggestion would be to use a little bit less rosemary than is recommended and make sure that the rosemary is finely chopped so that you don’t bite into a leaf amidst the sweetness of the blueberries. Pair it with a rice cake – like me – toast, or mix it with some greek yogurt! Check out more of Beth’s amazing recipes on her blog, Tasty Yummies!


Garlic and Herb Mashed Cauliflower… Another weird sounding recipe that tastes great! I love this recipe because it’s super quick and a very healthy alternative to mashed potatoes. Don’t forget to add red pepper flakes!

Everything Nice

Jhene Aiko Home Page

For The Weeknd



Fall is fast approaching and between the cold weather and school we all become shut-ins. Get outside and enjoy the remaining weeks of summer! Go for a stroll, a hike, some Gelato – it doesn’t matter. Treat yo self – safely!


Spend time with the ones you love! Maybe not drunk… love is the only drug we need! #yoncespiration


Learn…  We are all deserving of equal treatment and equal rights, but our society is not reflective of this. Take the time to learn about issues occurring beyond your life experience. Learn about other people’s experiences whether it’s the opposite gender (although their is no opposite gender because gender is a spectrum), another race, political issues in other countries, etc. Just take the time to learn about the world that you live in.

Knowledge is Power. Ignorance is bliss. But curiosity – even if it had killed the cat – is king.

– Kim Harrison

Have an idea for next week’s Bolt? Let me know in the comments below or tweet @BeautyBolt!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Natalie ϟ

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