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How Blac Chyna Sent #Waves Through #Kalabasas… And Then got Arrested

Almost every time I see a new Kardashian related headline I think it isn’t true – but then it always is! Whether you like to admit it or not, we all keep up – especially during a “krazy” week like this one. It all started with Kanye’s studio session on Monday and went downhill from there.

The short version. Kanye starts feeling #wavy. Rob Kardashian moves in with Blac Chyna because she also makes him feel #wavy. Kris Jenner calls in a few favors and has Chyna (also known as Angela White) arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct – but that’s just a theory.

The truth (as we know it). Kanye tweeted his track list on Monday with a small addendum by Kylie Jenner. Kanye also announced that #Swish is no longer and that his forthcoming album will be titled Waves.

Wiz Khalifa didn’t exactly agree with this, and I can’t blame him because there’s nothing wavy or chill about Ye, but moving on. The Louis Vuitton Don was very hurt by what Wiz had to say and went on a nonsensical tirade that was kind of funny until he asserted his “ownership” of Wiz and Amber Rose’s child, Sebastian Thomaz.

As we ALL know, Kanye gave life to discovered Amber Rose. Amber has always been very open about her past as a stripper (she did it for the fam, don’t judge). Ye thought he would take a few digs at Wiz saying that “he got trapped by a stripper” and that “[he] will be mad every time he looks at his child for the next 18 years.” PAUSE

Let’s take this moment to think about how Yeezus’s better half might feel about this. Mad? Sad? Confused? Or none of the above. The mom of two actually felt “Pretty Fresh.”


Muva Rose has never been one to stand down especially when it comes to Kanye/Kardashian related issues. This isn’t the first time Ye’s said some disrespectful things about her and her family, and we thought Kanye had moved past that. Rose responded just like the rest of us would (not really).

Kanye took the biggest L. See his surrender to Amber below.

Just in case you didn’t hear him the first time…

So how is all of this related to Blac Chyna? The Illuminati. Just kidding, but as the age old proverb goes, “all press is good press.” Onto Chyna and Rob.

E! News, and several other sources, confirmed rumors that Black Chyna and Rob were dating. How it (allegedly) went down. Rob has been living with his sister Khloé for a number of years. Khloé was out of town on business and decided to go back home early. Upon her arrival, she was greeted by an old friend of the family, Blac Chyna. Let’s take a few steps back.

If you don’t recall, Kim K and Chyna were actually really good friends. Like attended a pole-dancing class with Kim’s mom level friends and more importantly, attended Kim and Kanye’s wedding level friends. Now, one might wonder how these two know each other. The answer – they lived in the same neighborhood when Blac was betrothed to Tyga, who is now Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend/wannabe husband. It should also be noted that Tyga and Chyna have a little boy.

Fastforward to a very unhappy KoKo who kicks Rob out for spending time with some unwanted company. Chyna Instagram’s a photo of her with an undisclosed individual’s arm wrapped around her (News Flash: it’s Rob’s). The interwebs erupt. Rob Instagram’s this 12558700_1661356254131870_1198228128_n

and then THIS


more or less confirming their relationship. Rose, Chyna’s new BFF, later talked about her Twitter feud with Kanye and the nature of Rob and Chyna’s relationship on an anti slut-shaming podcast.

TMZ got a chance to catchup with Blac Chyna while she was at the airport (sporting a pair of Yeezy Boost 350’s) and talked about how she’s whipping Rob back into shape (and good health). Meanwhile PMK (Pimp Master Kris – always read the comments, you’ll learn things) made a beeline to Blac Chyna’s house to undoubtedly force Rob to surrender.


Chyna’s layover in Texas took a wrong turn when the stripper turned Boutique Spa owner had a little too much to drink, started arguing with a flight attendant, and was subsequently arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct. She was also in possession of 1 gram of a controlled substance.

Take a deep breath. That was probably the longest and most unimportant story of all time, but what can I say? I’m a pop culture fanatic. Now I don’t know about you, but this has raised a number of questions for me.

A) How does one “talk out the side of [their] neck? (Google Kanye’s string of tweets)

B) Does Wiz really wear cool pants?

C) Are Kim and Kanye truly in love, or are they in love with the idea of each other and the endless opportunities for publicity stunts?

D) Are Rob and Blac Chyna really together or are they just trying to get some revenge?

E) Is all of this too good to be true, and actually scripted so that viewers will watch the show for when they address this drama?

F) What if it isn’t scripted? And what if Kris set Chyna up?

Anyway, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the mess heard around the world and feel free to share your opinions/conspiracy theories below!

P.S. You can also chat with me, or amongst yourselves, in the Chat With Me section on the home page.


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