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Valentia X Beauty Bolt

New York Winters can be really harsh, especially when you have super sensitive, dry skin like me. NYFW is also fast approaching, and I need all of the help that I can get considering I will be in front of the camera. Luckily my friends over at Valentia heard my silent cries for help and sent me a few products to try out.

Inspired by the Roman goddess of healing, Valentia seeks to provide it’s customers with natural and organic products that protect and repair the skin. Rosehip seed oil is one of my all time favorite ingredients (thank you Miranda Kerr) and the fact that Valentia includes it in their products just goes to show how knowledgable they are about the power of natural ingredients. Here are a few facts about Rosehip seed oil:

  • It’s non-greasy and very light, so it’s safe for oily skin and can even help balance out your skin’s oil production
  • It is the only plant oil that contains Retinol A, which means it’s a great anti-aging product (and basically nature’s botox)
  • It also has amazing acne and eczema fighting properties

Back to Valentia. I had the honor of trying out the True Glow Eye Cream and the Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask. I’ve been using them for approximately a week (2x for the face mask), and they are definitely Beauty Bolt approved!


The Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask is unlike any other face mask I’ve ever tried for two reasons. One, it’s a beautiful orange color. Two, it has a very soothing gel-like texture. I applied the face mask after washing with my standard cleanser, and then let it sit for about 30 mins while I did some work on Polyvore. It contains botanical hyaluronic acid (completely safe) so it does tingle a little bit, but the feeling goes away after a few minutes. My skin is very sensitive and the tingling didn’t bother me, so I’m sure it is safe for other skin types. I loved that it was very cooling and washed away completely because a lot of masks can be very difficult to remove. My skin was left feeling very moisturized and refreshed, and I loved the subtle glow the mask gave me. It also contains organic sea buckthorn oil, Japanese green tea, aloe vera, and a silk protein amino acid blend.


The True Glow Eye Cream was also fantastic, and I’m so glad I got to try it out. A little bit goes a very long way, as this product is very moisturizing and doesn’t cause any breakouts. Highlights include Resistem (plant stem cells), vitamin C, CoQ10, and olive oil. I like to gently dab it around my eyes, starting at the bridge of my nose and then going out and around each eye. I’ve been using it every morning and every night and have noticed that my dark circles are disappearing!

Let me know if you decide to try either of these in the comments below!


Natalie ϟ

Note: This post was sponsored by Valentia and BrandBacker.



  1. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay says

    I didn’t know that rosehip oil is so useful product. I must get a try, because I have a oily mature skin. I want more reviews on all products , that is the day cream or night cream. Can I get them in India ?

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