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The All Def Movie Awards

One word. Hilarious. The All Def Movie Awards were so funny and candid. Actors and actresses were quite honest about the lack of diversity in Hollywood and spent the evening laughing and exchanging kind words.

Tony Rock (yes, Chris Rock’s brother) hit on Sanaa Lathan, using all of her movie titles as pick up lines. Amber Rose won the award for Most Likely to Steal your Girl, and Robin Thicke accepted the award for Most Helpful White Person on behalf of Christopher Waltz saying, “We can change the world one helpful white person at a time.”

A digital short called “Cassius Luther Shaka-Kahn” was also featured – parodying every Hollywood movie about slavery, ever. As Sanaa Lathan said, “Hopefully, Hollywood will wake the f*ck up.”

Russel Simmons also spoke on the issues of diversity and said that black productions should include more white actors to create more partnerships, but also affirmed that the majority of the problem is still with white Hollywood’s control over whose stories are worth telling and how they should be told. Simmons also thanked Jada Pinkett Smith (unlike Chris Rock) and mentioned that the academy is including more black voters – though not without pressure.

Best Dressed


  • Best Actress: Sanaa Lathan (The Perfect Guy)
  • Best Bad Muh F*cka: Denzel Washington
  • The Most Helpful White Person: Christopher Waltz (Accepted by Robin Thick – The Most Soulful White Person)
  • Vanguard Award: Norman Lear
  • Most Quoted Movie: Friday
  • Lifetime Achievement: Will Smith
  • Best Black Survivor in a Movie: Ice Cube (Friday)
  • Most Likely to Steal Your Girl: Amber Rose
  • Best Actor: Michael B Jordan (Creed)
  • Best Director: Ryan Coogler (Creed)
  • Best Picture: Straight Outta Compton
  • You Know Damn Well They Should Have Won That Award: Denzel Washington (Malcolm X), Angela Bassett (What’s Love Got to Do With It), The Color Purple



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