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#ChantelJeffriesExposesJustinParty… But Not Really

Ladies, always keep your receipts. No, not the ones from the grocery store. I’m talking about his nudes (if you’re into that sort of thing). Side note: Don’t take nudes, but if you do keep your partner’s as insurance.

If you haven’t heard, Chantel Jeffries’ phone was hacked resulting in some interesting press for Justin. The hacker generously shared a nude photo of Justin with the world and tagged Selena Gomez on J.Bieb’s penis.

Why CeeJay one might ask? Actually, who is CeeJay? Chantel Jeffries is GOAT. She’s a dj with a fire mixtape. A girl whose highlight is on 100 Watts and who just wants the damn AUX chord. She also went out with Justin Bieber (allegedly) and was in the car with him back in two-thousand-whatever when he got pulled over for speeding in Miami. Peep Chantz and Biebs below.


I guess people are really upset with Justin because he deleted his Instagram, so why not hack his ex’s Instagram account and leak one of his nudes? Makes perfect sense… Right? (It’s never that serious, but some people are sort of evil). Chantel apologized on Twitter and reassured everyone that she isn’t guilty on Snapchat. Her message to the hacker:

Sitting in my lawyers office like: Fuck u hacker 🙂

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Me too, girl. Me too.

Update: According to Cosmopolitan, Chantel, and the Daily Mail, the picture is the result of a very carefully executed photoshop job. Read more here.

Check Chantz out on SoundCloud, Instagram, TwitterYoutube, and Snapchat (@Chanteltaleen)!


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