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Calling all Kinks & Curls // Original Moxie Giveaway and Review

My friends over at Original Moxie were kind enough to send me a few products to try out and some to share with a few lucky winners! I received a total of eight products and can’t wait for YOU to try them. Keep reading to learn more about each product and to find out how YOU can win one of FIVE mini combo kits designed to fit your needs!

Get Clean! No-Foam Shampoo


THIS. IS. A. STAPLE. It’s the only Shampoo I’ve ever truly loved. Get Clean! “takes a gentler approach, harnessing the cleansing properties of Yucca Root & Soapnut to remove excess oil without disturbing your scalp’s natural balance.” Just like with any other shampoo, I focus on really massaging the product into my scalp (in about 6 sections) and then let it cleanse the length of my strands while I’m rinsing it out. I can actually detangle my hair with this shampoo (a first) and it doesn’t leave my hair feeling brittle or striped. I have eczema, so my skin is prone to dryness, but I haven’t had so much as a flake since I’ve started using this shampoo. It kind of smells like orange blossoms with a hint of a warm baked good. I hope that make sense, but all in all I love the scent.

Original Moxie also sent me their Scalp Therapy treatment (which I love), but I’ve been using it less frequently because the shampoo has really transformed my scalp. My foam addiction has been broken!

Intense Quench Deep Conditioner

Intense Quench Deep Conditioner with Hibiscus & Strawberry

Intense Quench is super moisturizing and has a really nice, natural minty scent. It doesn’t have a ton of slip, but definitely enough for some light finger detangling. It contains Strawberries (increases shine) and Hibiscus (encourages strong growth). I also love that the scent isn’t overwhelming. Using a deep conditioner with a light scent tends to work better for me especially because I don’t want it to compete with that of my leave-in and and styling products.

Everyday Leave-In Detangling Conditioner


Another must have, the Everyday Leave-In makes detangling a breeze and leaves my hair feeling very soft and well moisturized! It has a very natural, clean scent and mixes well with other products. It’s very rich , but doesn’t create product buildup. I know a lot of naturals will also love some of the ingredients: aloe vera, shea butter, and pumpkin seed oil.

Scalp Therapy


If you have a dry, itchy scalp you NEED this product. I don’t want to sound like an infomercial, but it’s that good. If my scalp is feeling itchy, which is rare these days thanks to the Get Clean! Shampoo, I just unscrew the applicator tip and and massage the product into my scalp. It’s very refreshing and makes my scalp tingle. The scent is strong – it kind of reminds me of eucalyptus and mint – but it’s very nice. My mom and I love it! It doesn’t interfere with the scent of your other products, because you are just applying it to your scalp. It also contains Blue Cypress and Andiroba Oil to help soothe inflammation and heal the skin. When “paired with a regular massage, Scalp Therapy will stimulate blood flow and encourage hair growth.” Who doesn’t love that?

Hold Up Defining Serum


Ah, Hold Up. I LOVE this product. It’s a serum so the texture is somewhere between watery and creamy – and it’s clear. I combined it with the Everyday Leave-In (which already has a ton of slip), and was surprised by how much better my products smoothed into my hair. It kind of smells like mint with a hint of cucumber and/or lemongrass. I’ve also just started trying out wash and gos but I start on dry, stretched hair (here‘s a video on how to stretch your hair) and then I apply Hold Up in small sections and follow up with my homemade Flaxseed gel for extra hold.

Lux Locks Styling & Shine Just Gel Styling Concentrate, and Shape Shifter Re-Forming Crème 


I combined all three of these products and got THE fluffiest twist out ever. My hair was super soft and had so much bounce and body. Lux Locks and Shape Shifter are very creamy, but Lux Locks is heavier and probably better for styling kinkier hair textures. Shape Shifter is also great, and a little bit more light weight. Of the three, Just Gel is definitely my favorite. It smells AMAZING – kind of like spicy orange zest tea (if that makes sense). It’s also very lightweight, but effective. No flaking. I wouldn’t recommend it for a wash and go on kinky hair, but it is otherwise a great styler. Shape Shifter has a light floral scent and Lux Locks has a very strong herbal scent, but it disappears once the product dries.


If I could ONLY pick four of these products, I would definitely recommend the Get Clean No-Foam Shampoo, Scalp Therapy, Everyday Leave-In Detangling Conditioner, and the Hold Up Defining Serum (ok, and Just Gel – I can’t just pick four), but all of the products that I tried are fantastic. I should also note that a little bit goes a very long way with these products. I know they are on the more expensive side, but they are definitely worth it and even the sample sizes last quite a while. The founder and creator of Original Moxie, Rachel Blistein, decided to create her own hair products after having trouble managing her thick, curly hair. Her products are chemical-free and environmentally friendly. Visit her website here for more information, AND if you live close to Ypsilanti, Michigan visit the Flagship store and Micro Salon (you can also book appointments here).


We are giving away FIVE combo kits specific to YOUR hair’s needs. The FIRST TWO people to book appointments with me via the Twiirly app to talk about hair care and the Original Moxie product line will AUTOMATICALLY win combo kits (one kit per winner). You can download the app here (it’s in the App Store).

You can also enter by following me on Instagram (@natsnbolts), and following @OriginalMoxie, and tagging TWO friends in the comments below my most recent Instagram post. Entries accepted until Tuesday 5/23. I will contact the winners directly, so look out for a message from me!



Natalie ϟ


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